Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Monday.......busy with altering cards

Today I was busy finishing going through my cards from the Card Ministry and from all those lovely cards people sent me and got cards ready to send to a nursing home.  I cut off the front of the cards I got and recycled them onto new cardstock and added an envelope and they were ready to be used by those that can't afford to buy their own.  I also added the card samples I made through our Card Ministry to the bunch and I"ve got three gallon-sized bags ready to go.

I was working on the cards tonight and heard this song by Sanctus Real calle Lead Me.  It's a Father and husband's cry for God to lead him so he can lead his family.
Take a listen and see what you think.  I am amazed at the honesty in this.

I am going to see a dear friend tomorrow after physical torture.  I rode my recumbant bike for 30 minutes tonight!  That's the first time since my surgery!  Woohoo!!
Take care of yourself.

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GCgirl said...

Beautiful song on your beautiful blog! Glad you are recuperating so well from your surgery :-D