Monday, September 13, 2010

Countdown To Surgery

Today was not the quiet restful day I thought I'd have.  I got up to take my grade book and some things for my assistant at 7:30 a.m.
Next I came home to eat and have my coffee.  Then it was time to get ready to go for pre-testing at the hospital.  This was a new hospital for me so I wasn't sure where to part or where I was going.  I did find someone to help me and with her was a man with one of those gulf carts that take you where you need to go in the hospital!  I hopped aboard and the guy took me to Preadmission testing.
  I had all of the things done that I needed and an hour later I was done.  I was 2 minutes from DH's work place so I called and asked if he wanted me to stop by on his lunch hour so we could talk about my visit at the hospital.
I met him for a bit then headed on to do the other errands I needed to do.  One errand was to deposit a check, another was to stop at the library.  Another was to stop at Target and a fast food rest. to grab a bite to eat.
When I got home, I was busy getting things done and I even got to make a card for the challenge today.
Here's my card where you inked ribbon for a background.  I did that and used the ribbon after it dried.
I used dazzling diamonds on these pacific point butterflies.  I like the results I got.
Tonight I was blessed to go to our church's Ladies Latte.  About 300-400 ladies come out to hear the pastor's wife talk for a bit.  We also get to eat goodies, and healthy stuff and drink coffee, tea or water.  We sit at tables of 8 where there is a group discussion leader.  After we eat and hear the pastor's wife talk, we do a round table discussion.  It is so interesting and a great way to meet other ladies at this large church.
I was so blessed since one of my friends told the table I was having surgery.  They prayed for me and I felt a calmness take over.
I'm so thankful for God leading me to where I needed to be tonight.
I'm also thankful for your visit today.
Not sure when I'll post again, but soon.

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