Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Fun

This morning was a crazy morning.  I had to go to work and get lesson plans ready for a sub. for next week. Then have things ready to be used for the following weeks by a sub.  We're trying to get the sub I had from the beginning of the year who got a half-time position at another building.  She's an excellent teacher and I never worry with her teaching my class for extended periods.

I was so pleased to hear that my assistant talked to our boss and has been supported so well.  Our boss gave her the afternoon to pull things needed for our week together.  She was able to do most of the things needed.  I am so thankful for such a wonderful partner and boss.
My assistant, Patti, prayed with me and hugged my tears away before I left today.  I am truly blessed.
Here are the other cards I made for Card Ministry tonight.

We got so many cards made tonight.  I can't believe how easily we're getting them done.  We made 100 cards in an hour and a half.  God is so amazing to allow us to serve others doing something we love.
We had some new ladies tonight as well.
Thanks for stopping by.

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