Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday.......can't concentrate to make new cards...........

Today I worked on the last of the Card Ministry cards.  I bring them home and look through them.  If there are corrections needed, I do that and stamp them with the Card Ministry stamp, add an envelope to each and pack them into labeled bags to go to whomever needed them in our church.

I had a hard time concentrating on making anything new.  I looked at the SCS Inspiration challenge and couldn't find anything that inspired me.  I just lounged around for some of the day........feel like I'm in a funk due to surgery Tuesday.  I'm praying that I'll feel God close by.  I need Him to help me through this.
Later tonight I made this card.
I colored the stamp with ballet blue and gable green markers.  They look so soft on the white paper.
I used ballet blue and gable green papers as well for the card.
Monday I go for my testing at the hospital.  I am going to a different hospital this time in the hopes of a better experience. 
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