Friday, September 3, 2010

Half-Day Friday

Today was another half-day except I worked in the morning instead of the afternoon.  It was nice for a change, but very hard to get up and get it in gear to go to work.  I had to take Ben to church by 7:30 so he could go on his Weekend trip with them.  He asked what I said when I called him into school.  I told them at school that he was going on a church missions trip.

Today I felt so tired when I left work.  I met the students who come in the morning for reading then go back to their classrooms.  I went head-to-head with a 4th grader but if you know me, you know I don't let kids win against me in a game of wills and wits.  I got this little girl turned around so she actually produced a few things on her own. 

Tonight I had a wonderful time with my friend Jane.  She was looking through several boxes of stamps that were donated to me and our Card Ministry.  I had no idea that so many stamps would be donated to me!  LOL  I am donating them to others and keeping some for myself and the card ministry.  Where would you put 800 wooden stamps that someone gave you? LOL

Sarah is now with Ben at Patmos for their weekend with youth groups from church.  It's quiet here without kids.  Tomorrow Tim and I are going to a movie called, What If?  I can't wait.

Here's the card I made for todays free for all challenge on SCS.  I like how it came out.  I don't usually do that much cutting, but I was talking to Jane so I didn't notice how long it took or how involved it was.
For this challenge we were to make a card with a bird and then also use a color(s) you don't usually use.  I don't use the brighter blues so that's what I colored the bird.

Today in the mail I got my 5 year pin from Stampin' UP.  Yup, I've been a demo for 5 years and stamping for 8 years and still loving it!  I added this to my SU apron.

I'm heading for bed so I'm well rested for my date with DH tomorrow~
Nothing like date night huh?
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