Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday With My Sweetie

Today was a movie day with my sweetie.  We went to see the movie What If?  It was a great movie.  It shared the Gospel, had some funny scenes, and took some twists and turns.........loved his first sermon where he told his congregation to go out and make more money.
  Cliff Clabin from Cheers plays Mike the angel and does a great job with this.  He is a tow truck driver.

This afternoon I got to chill, watch a little tv and stamp some more.  I've got to show you some more of the stamps that I received as a donation to the Card Ministry.  I had fun with this set of stamps.  I can identify with the girl, as that's how I'd draw........the cat I couldn't draw at all!  I could probably do the letters on hello.

This is the card I did for today's Inspiration Challenge on SCS.  I chose a plaid towel to CASE. This is not my kind of stamp, but I challenged myself to use it.

This last card is for Phyllis who was chosen as the Queen For The Day 25 on SCS this week.  It is also her birthday, so I made this card that I CASED from her gallery into a bday card for her.

                                     It's been a quiet day without kids.  Kind of weird but kind of nice all the same.  I'm sure they are having the time of their life and haven't given us a thought!  It's as it should be ya know?  That's how God prepares us to let our kids grow enough apart from us so they can 'leave the nest.'
Thanks for stopping by today.

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