Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Interesting Thing Happened.............

Today as I was sitting in church singing I was tapped from behind and found my DH coming to sit beside me!  He normally works in the church library for first service or goes to the second service.  So we got to sit through the service together which was a treat.  You know, hold hands while in prayer etc.  After the service we spoke to a good friend then went to the Cafe to have coffee and a bagel.  While there he told me he was going to do a Bible Study after eating.  I was going to do a ladies Bible Study Wednesday, but instead asked him if he would mind if I joined him in the class.  So together we did the class and are going to read the chapter and discuss it Saturday some time. 
  I am excited to do this since we've not done a Bible Study together in a long time.  It will be nice to be on track with that again.  Thank You God for the opportunity to do this.
After class we went to lunch together without kids!  They are still at Patmos on Kelley's Island until about 6 tonight.
  So we've had a nice day together like it was BK, before kids.
Can't ask for anything better than that right?
Bless you for stopping by.

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