Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today is another Day OFF for me!

I am home alone today Woohoo!  Our school district is having election day today and because of that we have the day off.  Last time we had election day there were some issues with poll workers in the bathroom with students, so the Board of Ed. said they'd close school on election day.  We started the school year a day early so we could have today off.  It was a great 4-day weekend.
  I am doing things just for myself.  I decided that if this is my last day off before going back full time, I'm doing no errands.
  I did however have to get up and take DS to school.........his bus sped by early today!  It was interesting.  I got up at 6:15 and was reading.  He saw me and said if it were him, he'd be sleeping.  So I went back to sleep until he came in to ask if he could have a ride to school since he missed the bus..............
Here's what I worked on for the color challenge today.  Added to the color challenge was the challenge to use twine in your card.  Here are the cute owls that I came up with.  I love playing with the eyes of these guys.
I used the owl punch to capture a funny event....these three owls went out on a dare you, flight last night. Obviously one didn't do to well. He was dared to swoop as low as he could to the clothes line, however, he got too close and got tangled up in it. His buddies had to fly him home. They will help him out of the rope once they get pictures and stop laughing so hard.............

Thanks for the fun time with this challenge. I was going to do flowers, but this turned out to be much more
fun! LOL

See what an extra day off will do to one's brain?  LOL
Thanks for stopping by.

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