Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tough Day but Evening Fun

Today was such a challenging day.  I have a few students who like to do verbal battle instead of what I ask them to do.  Some days it's harder than others.  Today was one of those days where I was taking Excedrin before lunch due to a headache.....But God is so good that stuff worked quickly and I was able to enjoy lunch and get a lot done.
     Today I was also freed from Physical Torture!!!!!  Unless the doctor thinks it's necessary,(which he won't) I am done!  Woot, woot!  Celebration going on here!!
    I also finished 30 Christmas cards which were very time intensive.  I boxed some and packaged some in a plastic sleeve for the craft show.  Take a look.  I used the retired SU set called Le Jardin Botanique.  I stamped in black and colored in red and green then added stickles.  I then added lots of different Christmas designer paper, red or green ribbon and different punches for the words.  I divided the cards into piles of 5 and chose 6 different stamps for the insides. 

I also got some candy corn and located a poem for it here:  I added to the candy corn poem, the Bible verse that was referenced.  This will be for the craft show also. It will probably sell for a quarter or so.

Here's a close up of the poem.

It's interesting how our lives have different stages isn't it?  Right now I'm in the stage of dealing with teenagers and today was a tough day.  I know I have two great kids and they are human and make mistakes, disappoint me etc.  I sometimes get a small glimpse of what God goes through with us and it humbles me.  I see how whether they ask for forgiveness or not they are still loved very much.  That never changes.  I may be hurt or disappointed, but I'll always love them, not matter what.  What joy I feel when they ask for forgivenss, again much like our Heavenly Father.  He's amazing isn't he how he loves us when we don't deserve it and shows us mercy and grace.  I'm glad he's my father.  I love to call him Abba Father.
  I hope you have a relationship with God.  It's the BEST relationshiop you'll ever have!

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