Saturday, October 23, 2010

Working is Getting in The Way of Stamping! LOL

Can you tell that working is getting in the way of stamping and posting here?  Yup, it feels good to work with my students but I sure miss posting here and doing the daily challenges on SCS.
I've been working a little more on things for the craft show in two weeks.  Here they are, two more candles.  I made message pads too so maybe they'll sell as a set.

Here's the front and inside of the tea holders I made for the show too.  I changed the poem a bit from the Christmas one I saw. I didn't want to make everything Christmas or Thanksgiving.  How to make this:
Cut paper 9 3/4" by3 1/4".  Score at 3 1/4" and 6 1/2".  Then cut from the fold to the point of an end piece.  Put adhesive on the bottom edge of this and attach to form the pocket for the tea.  Add the poem to the inside and an image to the front.  I stamped off to stamp on the poem so it wasn't stark white.

Well I've got to get things pulled together to work with Jane tomorrow on more things for the craft show.  Tomorrow's church, and Class at church too with Tim.
My first born drove around the block for the first time today. It's a bittersweet time of life.......I want him to grow up but I don't. Ya know? I have a picture and a video.

I've been busy with work and kids this week.  Sarah had a concert Thursday evening.  It was a great concert.  They played the theme from Harry Potter movies, The Raven from Edgar Allen Poe, and an 80's medley with Footloose, Somewhere Out There, and Thriller.  The 8th graders did a wonderful job.  I wish I'd have recorded it.
I worked my first full week this week.  I am tired but happy to be back at work.  Hopefully I'll regain my energy sometime soon.
I've got to get some reading done now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Pattyjo said...

Sue, I am so glad to hear you are doing so well and back to school. I remember when my kids were new drivers, its pretty bitter-sweet.