Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tomorrow's the Arts and Craft Show at Grace Church in Middleburg Hts. OH

Tonight Jane and I did the last minute things we needed to do to get ready for the Arts and Craft Show at Grace Church today from 3-9 and 9-4 tomorrow.  I'm praying that God will be honored by our efforts and that His will is done.  I want to do well and sell lots, but I've gotta see what God wants.
 I thank Jane for all of her help getting ready for this Arts and Craft show.  I'm tired and need to go to sleep.
First I want to show you a video by the Afters.
Check out this video called Light Up The Sky by the Afters. I like finding videos with the lyrics so you and I both can hear the words and see them at the same time.

Heavenly Father I pray that your hand will be upon all who will be at Grace this weekend.  There is so much going on there.  I ask that you protect us and allow us to bring glory to you through our efforts tomorrow and Saturday.  Help those couples who are attending the conference to truly hear Gary Smalley's words, may they touch their hearts.
Thank you for stopping by.
Blessings to you.

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Susan Carlson said...

Praying for God's will for your craft show and the conference.