Friday, June 15, 2012

You're Beautiful

I heard this song this morning and had to share it. It is by Mercy Me called Beautiful. So many times we believe Satan's lies and it makes us ineffective for Christ. I want to remind you, now matter who you are, you are loved by Christ no matter what you've done, said, been..............Nothing you can do will change how much he loves YOU! Listen, look at the words, internalize and SING!
I've found some things online that I wanted to share.  This picture made me think of the power and love of God each and every day.  It never changes, never stops and always is.  Thank you God for giving us beautiful scenes like this.
This is our sweet cat Sam, curled up in a ball sleeping in Sarah's room on a latch hook rug she had.  He loves to sleep in the sun.
This is a waterfall card.  I made it with the summer smooches dp and the Tea Shoppe set.  It's been a  very long time since I made a waterfall card.
I made this card for Friday's challenge to use red, white and blue in our card.
I will end with this precious picture.  I love what it says.

Blessing for today: I was able to do what I wanted here alone at home.
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