Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Been a While for The Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY July 9th, 2012

Outside My is dark and cool. So happy to feel the cool air coming inside after those 95 degree days.

I am thinking...that it is nice to have vacation like this.(Sorry Hope)

I am thankful air conditioning and the ability to pay the bill when it arrives.

From the kitchen...all is quiet, Ben has just raided the kitchen and is in his room. (I will miss those sounds when he leaves for college.)

I am wearing...t-shirt and bare feet in the summer.

I am creating...a small digital scrapbook of our latest vacation.

I am Physical Therapy again to try to get rid of the pain I get when I stand, walk for 10 minutes or more.

I am reading...The Bible tonight, the book of Amos with Allistair Begg on Truth For Life.

I am hoping...that my furniture for my stamping room comes in soon.

I am hearing...the ticking of the clock and keys as I type.

Around the house...all is quiet, even the cats.

One of my favorite spending time talking with Ben or Sarah knowing my time is limited for them to live here.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:Physical Therapy, Bible Studies Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Card Ministry Friday.

Here are some pictures I thought were worth sharing...
This is my pedestal card for today's technique lovers challenge.
Do you ever feel like you are walking alone?  Sometimes I do and it was good to re-read these words which reassure me that I don't walk alone in spite of what Satan says. That God is faithful in spite of my unfaithfulness and He loves me no matter what.
I found this on FB a while ago and laughed wondering how many households have gone through this already this summer.
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Susan Carlson said...

I enjoyed reading your post this morning. I pray that you find relief from your pain. ...Thanks for the inspirational Bible quotes. ...That Facebook card was hysterical, too!