Monday, September 10, 2012

The Struggle Continues But God is Faithful

I came across this song which has become an encouragement to me lately called, The Struggle by Tenth Avenue North.

Today was another day of struggle for Patti and I at work.  2 of our students continue to be a huge challenge.  So much so that we don't get much done during the morning. It's exhausting battling these kids to try to get them to sit and work with you.  Prayers for us please.  Our students have cards with pictures that say, First/ Then.  We put a picture by First like, First Work, Then computer.
Patti and I said we'd like our own set of cards....First, fight with kids to get them to work, Then go home before lunch.

 I know I've been really serious so far in this post, but I read this on FB and laughed and thought you'd like a laugh too.
 Here is the twisted card I made for today's new technique challenge.  This is the inside.
 This is the inside of the twisted card.
 Here is my cheerleader for tonight!  So glad Patti and I don't drink or we'd be hopeless.
 I love my kids are realize that the days fly by.  Before we know it Ben will be off to Tacoa Falls for College in Georgia.  Gotta love them while you can, for soon they'll be on their own!
Bless you for stopping by. I did have a great time with women tonight.  I went to Ladies Latte at my church.  Now mind you, I was just going tonight to get a booklet of information of expectations of table leaders. However, Ben forgot his phone and was working there so I went in to find him.  In the midst of that a gal I knew saw me and invited me to sit with her table.  At her table was a woman I truly love to pray with and talk with.  So God showed me I needed the message that the Pastor's wife had to share, and the information that the round table discussion had to share, so I stayed and was refreshed.  I even came home and cut up veggies and chicken to make a crockpot meal for the family tomorrow!
Blessing for today: Ladies Latte for Me.

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