Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy, Sandy We Got A Day Off

What a very unusual day we had. We got our first hurricane day off. We've had snow days and ice days, and no power days, but NEVER a Hurricane day! We had our power go out last night at 11 or so which didn't matter much we were all headed off to bed. With lanterns in tow we each went to sleep knowing we had today off.
  This morning we awoke to no power as well so we did the best we could for meals.  Peanut butter was used this morning as well as fruits and milk. :)
 Here are some photos of the Cleveland area today. The first picture is Cleveland Lake Front.
This picture is from Fair Port Harbor, where you can't even see the break wall with the water going over it.
I did get to stamp today once our power returned.  This was for the color challenge today where I used the masking technique to get several layers on my card.  We had to use cherry, white or vanilla and olive for our colors.
I also worked on some things for the sale Friday and Saturday.
This is the front of the reindeer food.
 Here is the back of the Magic Reindeer Food packet.
 I also have some Santa Snacks with a cute little poem attached to it. The poem says:
It's that time of year
When his work keeps him busy
The time of year where stress runs high
These help to calm the poor, old guy
Santa snacks are pretty with their
Red and white stripes
Allowing him to work long into the nights
If you're stressed and don't know what to do
Open your bag and enjoy a few!

Well since we didn't get a call to stay home tomorrow I've got to get to sleep.  
Blessing of the day: We got our power back, we all stayed safe, and Tim got the servers up at work.

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Susan Carlson said...

So glad you're safe! I've never seen the Santa Snacks and poem. Might have to make some : ) Thanks.