Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday, Busy Day

Today was an early day at church.  I met with the Congregational Care Minister to go over more things and talk to a family who wanted to help with this ministry. They wanted to work on writing cards.

Next we went to our last marriage class.  We heard a testimony of a couple who works in the marriage ministry.  It's amazing they were still together after listening to what they had to say.

After their testimony, we were to talk in our groups about the lesson.  A woman in our group was crying and we found out she is in a place where she doesn't want to be married but can't leave.  We prayed with her and talked with her.  I felt so badly for her.  We're going to support her any way we can.

Tim and I came home and worked on the kid's Christmas lists.  We decided what we wanted to get them and purchased many of them online.  Sarah and I got many of her gifts during our Black Friday shopping spree.

I had time to photograph my cards and upload them to Splitcoast website.  Then I updated my blog.
Here are some cards I did and two that were from friends.

This is from Our Daily Bread Stamps-Rocking Chair.  You colored the image then used the die cut to cut out the rocking chair.

 Love this little guy Rhubarb. He was colored with Copic markers.
 Look at the beautiful card Hope, (the Hope) sent me a glittery card.  It really shines Hope and put a smile in my day.
 This card is from a dear friend Val.  She stopped over for an hour or so Wednesday afternoon.

I can't believe that tomorrow we will have to go back to work.  Oh well, each day I go to work is another day closer to Christmas vacation!  Sorry, Hope. LOL

Blessing of the Day, Tim asked me if I wanted to have a weekly date night!
Thursday is Date Night.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Leslie Miller said...

I had some time off over Thanksgiving and it's hard to go back to work. I hope everything turns out all right with your friends in the congregation. You've shared some wonderful cards. The hydrangea basket is beautiful. Thanks so much for leaving your warm greeting on my long overdue blog post.