Saturday, December 1, 2012

Busy, Fun Day

Okay, so I'm on this healthy eating plan with Tim and I've lost 15 pounds.  Do you want to know where I've lost those pounds? My face, fingers, and wrists!  My rings slide around on my finger and my bracelets are fitting now so I can wear more of them!  That's cool, but come on, don't you think that I could see a little loss farther down? LOL
In time that will come too.  I'm feeling better and almost ready to add exercise.  I have to be really motivated to do that.

I was listening to this song and ya know how you listen because it's a catchy tune but don't concentrate on the words?  Well this song was like that for me.  I finally listened to the words and loved what they had to say, so I want to share them with you.

All This Time is a song by Britt Nicole. Take a listen.

I actually got a card made today.  The first on in almost a week.  It was for the inspiration challenge on Splitcoast.

Here's a verse I found today and really liked thinking about it.

Today we took my FIL to Longhorn Restaurant for lunch.  It was a very nice time.  He enjoyed getting out of the house and having fun with us.  We stopped by for a little while after lunch to talk and visit for a while.  He's' done remarkably well since my MIL died in April.  The poor guy is still after the funeral home/cemetery to get the headstone put in.  It's amazing how long this is taking.  He said now they may have to wait until Spring to put it on the grave site.

I went with a friend, Emily to a craft show in a lady's house.  It was amazing all she's done!  She said it took her 4 days to decorate the house.  She puts things up for Christmas but then adds her items which many are Christmas or Snowmen, to her rooms.  She also had a large display of jewelry in her dining room on her table.  Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I got on her mailing list.  She has these weekend shows three times a year.  There is a Spring and Fall show as well.

Next Emily and I went to Trader Joe's to shop.  I love going to that place but hated it today with all of the people there.  We waited until about 4 to shop.......It's so hard to look at things with people pushing carts behind you or reaching over your shoulder to get things.

Well, time to close.
Blessing of the Day:Took Dad to lunch.
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