Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bittersweet Father's Day

This is a bittersweet day for me as I lost my dad to cancer 30 years ago.  I can't believe it's been that long.  The pain of losing him is still there and has me in tears this morning.  I was at a point in my life with my dad where we'd meet every Sunday morning for breakfast and talk about life.  My dad had transitioned from my dad to my friend.
      One Sunday after breakfast we went to the Metroparks where a duck pond was.  We stood on the deck listening to the ducks and the water.  My Dad said, "I wonder what they're saying to each other."  I said, "Probably, who are those people and why are they bothering our quiet place with their presence!"  My dad went on to say he really wondered what different calls or sounds meant.  Interesting ya know?

My dad was the one to move me toward teaching children with special needs not general education.

He helped me with my first year of teaching as I had students with physical needs who were in wheelchairs, used walkers and standing tables.

He broke the spell that He and my Mom had BIG differences in some things. (They never disagreed in front of us so as kids, we thought things were Happily Ever in the days of Walt Disney movies.

Dad was a Type A person with a very short fuse.  He used to yell a lot, and yell loudly!  When I was a senior in high school, and in Spain, Dad had a heart attack.  He had a triple-bypass in 1973 and had a new lease on life.  He was a changed man.  Gone was the Type A personality with the short fuse.  He was a very laid back, kind of guy.   I loved THAT guy.  The Type A dad scared me with his yelling.  The Changed man awed me by his knowledge and compassion for life.

I so wish my dad could have met Tim and my kids.  He would have been a fantastic grandfather.  I know I'll see him in heaven, but sometimes that feels like forever.  Sometimes like today the loss feels fresh and overwhelming.

I have a heavenly Father who has taken care of me for a long, long time.  He's always there when I need Him.  He has directed my life for a long time.  My life isn't perfect because just like my earthly dad, I have choices to make and often I choose the wrong one and have to learn all over again how to change.  I know that when I keep my eyes on God and read the Bible everyday, it makes me closer to Him.  It helps me with my relationship with Him.  I too often though disappoint Him and get tangled in earthly things and leave very little time for Him.  I pray that God will help me read the Bible daily so I can grow even closer to Him.

A friend on Facebook who has lost her father as well, posted this song.  It made me cry but gave me hope again in the knowledge that I will see my father again and it will be for eternity!!!  This time on earth without him will be forgotten and so short compared to that.

Take a listen and appreciate you dad while he's here on earth.  Happy Father's Day Daddy, I miss you.

I needed something cheerful after seeing this video and this did the trick.  Check out these twins playing with's heart-warming and delightful.  I laughed out loud, hope you do too.
This next video cracked me up.  I know it's not typical women but those who wanted to make us laugh.  Enjoy it in that light.

We celebrated Father's Day with gifts and taking Tim out to dinner.  He didn't remember it was Father's Day today.  Go figure...............I could have saved money buying him presents.........just kidding.

Blessing of the day-Both kids wrote heartfelt words in their Father's Day cards.
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