Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To The Dentist We Three Go-What Fun!

Today was one of those fun days you can't wait to do again! (NOT!)  Ben, Sarah and I all had dentist appts. at the same time.  They constantly complain how much they hate the dentist.  I told them they have it great compared to what we endured as kids.  We had to sit in a chair that was scary to us and wait while he worked on someone in the other room.  Then he'd come and work on us.  All the while, when he wan't in the room you could see all the scary tools, and watch and listen to the water going around and around in that little round sink they had to spit in.  We used to try to go first so we didn't have to sit in the waiting room until the 6th kid had gone in and come out.  It was awful waiting for your turn.  No electronic toys to distract you while you waited.
  Our dentist gave us an ice cream coupon to go to the drug store downstairs and get ice cream for being so good during our appt.

Here's a card I made today for the sketch challenge on SCS..

Here are a few more stamps I saw on Joann's site.  They made me chuckle.

Blessing of the Day: Coffee with Tim.
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