Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Be The Change

Today was the last day of summer vacation for me.  Tomorrow I begin my volunteering at a Christian Elementary School.  I will be working with two wonderful friends; my dear friend the first grade teacher, and my former assistant, Patti!  Woo-Hoo, having Patti there is a true God Story.  He worked so quickly we barely had time to breathe.  Patti heard about the job one day, was on the phone with the principal setting up an interview for the next day.  They were impressed with her 3 reference letters and her State Assistant Certificate!  They were blown away with her answers and her 17 years experience.  After her interview they told me that the next candidate was really going to have to bring it, in order to  beat Patti.

Needless to say, Patti got the job and started two days later! LOL  What a whirlwind she was in.  God is so good!  Way back when I was offered the position Tim said, "I think you should leave this for someone who needs it."  Patti wanted to keep working just not where she was last year.

I've been busy making cards, what else?

This card was yesterday's color challenge using coral, olive, and lagoon.  I watercolored the background with a wash of lagoon and water.  Then colored the flower and butterfly.  The hardest part was waiting for it to dry in between layers of color.  I get impatient and use my heat tool.
 This sweet card was made for today's sketch challenge.  I turned it sideways and did my Chubby Chums.  I love these little guys.  It will make a cute kid or teen card.
 This is a card I made for tomorrow's ways to use it challenge.  You were challenged to go old school and make a card using a chalkboard.

I was reading the news today and there was actually a guy who killed someone and asked Siri-the iPhone voice on the phone, where a good place would be to bury the body.  Siri asked if he wanted swamps, rock quarries, water, etc.
They are using his iPhone to prove he committed the murder.  It was still on his phone.....Sounds like dumb and dumber to me....................

Listen to this new song by an artist named, Shuree.  She's a Christian singer who wants us, especially kids be the change they want to see.  What a great message for our teens and tweens.  It's a great message for all of us. Let your light shine!

Blessing of the Day: Sarah did well at school, had lunch with a friend, and sat down by me to eat her dinner.  We all were on different schedules so we ate at different times.
I had a date lunch with Tim today.
Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

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