Thursday, September 11, 2014

We Will Never Forget

"My prayer today is that we will feel the loving arms of God wrapped around us and... we will know in our hearts that He will never forsake us."

—Billy Graham at the National Cathedral, three days after 9/11

I will never forget the fear I felt 13 years ago after I'd heard and seen the news.  I wanted to do my job, but I wanted to be with my kids. I needed to be with them to know they were safe.  I know it was an emotional reaction, but I felt very helpless that day.

After talking with Tim, we decided the kids were okay seeing as how we were in Parma, Ohio.  We didn't think Parma, Ohio was in any danger compared to cities like New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and San Francisco to name a few.

I was never so happy to pick up my kids from school and day care.  Ben was in first grade at Parma Heights Christian Academy and Sarah was in Day Care at Normandy High School.

Watching the videos one after the other, I tried to absorb what was happening.  It was so hard to do.  I felt as though I was in a dream, or watching a movie.  As horrible as it wall was, that's all I wanted to do is watch the television to glean any information I could about what happened and why.  Were we safe?  Had they finished their destruction?

God became very popular 13 years ago and droves of people swarmed the churches.  That of course didn't last long.  As soon as people felt, 'safe', they had no need of God in their lives.

Last night I prayed that today would be an ordinary day, that no forces would attack us, that we would be safe in our own country.  I thank God for enabling that to happen today.  I continue to pray for safety and peace.
 These were three of my favorite pictures from this devastating time. This photo reminded me of Iwo Gimo and the courage, resolve and strength it took to hand this flag.  It was a sign of coming together to help our nation, as one.  A time where religion, race, nor color or creed interfered with our caring and helping complete strangers.
 Oh to have a reminder of God 'show up' on this horrible scene was just a wonderful miracle and a morale booster for all who saw it.  We'll never understand why God allowed this to happen, but he is in control.  Maybe someday in heaven we will know.
 This picture continues to warm my heart and spirit.  To see the President and Billy Graham hand in hand, talking to God must have been an amazing thing to hear.  You wouldn't see this now with our current president.  He's seems hellbent on destroying Christians.
The promise of remembrance is represented in the lights that shine and the memorial that is hard to see without shedding tears.  This was one of the worst and best of times.  The worst is obvious, and the best was how Americans worked together to help anyone in need.  Humanity is a far cry from this now.  That is sad. 

This is a beautiful picture Rachel took in Columbus, Ohio last Saturday.  We visited my sister and brother-in-law.  It reaffirms that God, our creator continues to amaze us with beauty all around.  There is no camera that could ever duplicate the beauty that God paints daily for us.
I pray that we will continue to be grateful for all we have and all we don't have.  I was reminded again today that I have nothing to complain about compared to others.  A friend's 18 month old, grandchild is having surgery and they are worried about the surgery because they don't know how well this little one will do with the anesthesia. 
 On a lighter note, here are two gift card or money holders that I made yesterday.  The directions for making the basic card holder is here.
I couldn't get this video to embed in my post today so I'm adding a link.

Blessing of the Day: Everyone is home safe and sound.
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