Sunday, November 23, 2014

Football, Turkeys and Pines.......WHAT?

Who would believe it?  The Cleveland Browns pulled out a win in Atlanta today!  Woot, woot! Maybe football is back, here in Cleveland!

 Take a look at these cuties.  If we were going to be home for the holiday, I'd think about making these.  We're having breakfast with Ben and Rachel, then Tim and I are going to Columbus for Thanksgiving.  Patty and Allen are hosting the family gathering.  Not sure how they will fit the family into their house.
Sarah's going with Brianna for Thanksgiving while Rachel and Ben go to Rachel's family's dinner.  This is a very weird Thanksgiving but not as weird as when we went to a house on the beach and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill for Thanksgiving!  We walked on the beach in shorts that year!
 Isn't this the cutest turkey you've seen?  I saw something similar on Pintrest and did my own version.  This card went to a special girl, Grace Anna, a special needs child that is all over Facebook with her singing and videos.  She's a precious little one and I couldn't think of anyone cuter to send it to.
This is a card I also saw on Pintrest, but I didn't have the same stamp for the snow, so I used one that had smaller dots on it.  Love how this came out.  I have to find that stamp they used for the snow.  It is missing from my stamp set.  I used it last week and can't find it.  Maybe that's my cue to vacuum the floor huh?  I've  tried to find the card I CASED and can't.

Tomorrow we will head to the hand doctor to see how Ben's finger is doing.  It's an early appt. so we'll have to be out the door early.  Praying that this doctor will have good news for Ben.

Blessing of the Day: Time to knit a few squares for the homeless quilts that are made through craft stores in our area.
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