Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rain and Ice is so NOT Nice

This morning we were awakened to the sound of ice pellets hitting the window.  They of course made the sidewalks and roads ice rinks and we were told to stay off the roads until the crews could salt and make it safe.  It's always something here in Cleveland!

I know it could be worse; I could live in Buffalo!  No thanks THAT kind of snow is NOT for me.

This is the card I made for today's Inspiration Challenge.  This was my inspiration.
I love this delicate queen-ann's lace stamp.  It look pretty in any color.  I also love the saying on the front of the card.  That's one of the reasons I bought the stamp set.
 Look at this gorgeous card from my dear friend, Jane!  I think it's so pretty the way she used several different colors then embossed the leaves in white.  Gotta try this.  Thank you so much Jane!

Take a look at this video.  This is an Ex-NFL player who quit football while playing on a 5 year, 37 million dollar contract!  That's crazy isn't it?  The fact that he'd quit AND the fact that he would get this much money to play football while so many are homeless and starving.  I think our priorities are messed up here.  That discussion is for another time.
Anyway, this is a Christian living out his life for Christ.  He knew nothing about farming before this endeavor.  It's amazing how God uses people!

Blessing of the Day: Time with Family.
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