Friday, November 21, 2014

Just When You Thought.............

....things were going well you get a call from your daughter-in-law saying your son has cut part of his finger off and is on his way to the hospital in an ambulance!  God be with him and all of us!  Ben was using a wood splitter, that apparently didn't have a safety guard on it, and his ring finger on his left hand got too close.  It's so hard to write this without upset.  He was taken to Metro Hospital near downtown because they had the best hand surgeon.

I didn't have a car that day, and I was volunteering at PHCA.  Ben took my van to work and Sarah took the blue car to CCC.  I borrowed Emily's car to get Rachel from home and came back to drop off Emily's car.  Knowing we were going to Metro Hospital meant I couldn't take her car because that would leave her car less.  Anyway, Tim picked us up at PHCA and we all drove down to Metro Hospital.

We were immediately shown where Ben was and it was a relief to see him sitting up in bed.  His finger was bandaged and they were just giving him something for the pain.  That's what a mother wants to see when her child is hurting.

It was hard to hear that the small piece of finger was 'put on ice'. The doctors didn't know if they would do that.  They had to wait for x-rays of his finger.

The doctor said Ben chipped the bone a bit and they were going to wrap his finger and not do surgery to fix the finger.  His finger is always going to look different but it should heal well.

Monday Ben goes to the ortho dr. to see if anything else needs to be done.  He will check how it is healing as well.

I had a small scare, I felt like I was going to faint, and luckily I was in a chair.  I took a sugar tablet in case it was sugar related.  The attention turned to me to get me to drink apple juice and eat sugar cookies.  I ended up with a turkey sandwich and juice and cookies.  It ended up after a sugar check, my sugar was fine.

I think it was a fainting spell due to the stress of the event and looking at Ben's finger.  There is so much mother emotion that you feel.

Ben had a good night and only had to get up once for medication.  He's been taking Ibuprofen which seems to work better than the oxycodone he got.

We got home in time for dinner.  We were all exhausted.  Tim and I had to go pick up the van then we could be home and rest from all the excitement.

Please God, continue to be with all of us and especially Ben as his finger heals.
It was obvious God was with Ben.  He wrapped his finger immediately when he got cut.  He got to a bench to sit down to call 911.  He passed out after giving 911 info.  Police were there along with EMS crew very quickly.  The EMS crew took him to the best hospital if he would need hand surgery.
We had the best staff once we got to Metro Hospital.  One man named Jack, really took care of us. He had a cool, wet towel for me and got us what we needed while there.  Thank you God for your help during this difficult day.

This is for two challenges, Queen For The Day and Free For All Challenge.  The second card is my inspiration.  I stamped in Memento Rich Cocoa, then colored with Copic Markers.  I used Wink of Stella on the red berries and gold for the berries on the cut out piece.   This is so sparkly with the gold and red papers.

Blessing of the Day: Ben slept through the night and God was with him the whole time he went through this ordeal.  We all know this could have been much worse than it was. Praising God for his protection!

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