Sunday, December 28, 2014

Crocheted The Day Away

I have been making these ruffle scarves in different colors.  I gave my sister's in law and niece one at our family Christmas yesterday.  These are quick and easy to make.  I just saw an ad from Michael's that all yarn is up to 55% off!  Heading there Monday or Tuesday.  These are made by just pulling the sashay yarn together with a crochet hook.

A friend of mine made one for me and I had to learn how to make them so I found a you-tube video.

I've also been making lap afghans for cancer patients for infusion treatments when they get so cold.  This first afghan is in bright yellow and deep rainbow colors until I got to the last row where I ran out of that color.
I am over half-way done with another afghan.  I used a different yarn that's variegated and two other colors besides the yellow. 
No stamping today yet.  I will stamp tomorrow as Patti, Hope's sister will be coming over.
This is a sweet picture of Ben and Rachel that I wanted to share.  Ben's finger is so much better.
 This is the silly family picture we took yesterday at Craig Family Christmas.  Even Grandpa got into the act! LOL
 It was nice enough for us to be in Grandpa's backyard.  Loved having his woods as our backdrop.

This is an ariel view of Public Square here in Cleveland where The Sea of Blue Support Rally took place Saturday beginning at noon. Check out THIS video.
This is a picture of Sarah's cream-filled donut.  Tim added the spice gumdrops to it and put it back in the box.
 Take a look at the sign Sarah had on her box of doughnuts.  That's why Tim HAD to mess with her doughnut!
 This is how creative Sarah is.  She took lots of pictures of friends and made a heart on her wall.  This is right by her bed so she can look at them all day long.

I've got to get some reading done. I took out 4 books and have barely started on of them!
Right now all I can hear is the TV where Tim, Ben and Rachel are watching The Hobbit or something like it on DVD.

It's getting closer to Sarah's 18th birthday which is Tuesday.  I can't believe it!  Feeling old......

Blessing of the Day: Dinner with Tim.  He heated Christmas left-overs which were still amazingly good!

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