Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

Today began with a long driving lesson for Rachel. Tim and I have been asked to help her drive.  What are the in-laws to do when her parents haven't taught her how to drive?  We said we'd help her since they don't have the money to have her take a driving class.

I had a headache when I came home from the early hour and the cold of the car.  I stayed up late the night before and had gotten about 5 hours of sleep.  That was my fault.  Tim wanted me to see how he teaches driving and wanted me to see what Rachel could do and what she needed to work on.

We went to Macaroni Grill for dinner.  My favorite dinner there is Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken.  I got that but they added small slices of fresh onion to it.  It ruined the cheesy taste of the Alfredo Sauce.  The kids got a pizza and at least 1/2 of the edges were burnt-Yup we saw black.
We're not going back there any time soon.  With the cost of a meal there, the food wasn't acceptable.

We came home and I opened presents then we had drumsticks ice cream cones.  That's one of my favorite treats.  They now have chocolate with mint cones!  Yum!

I got gifts from Tim, but Ben and Rachel and Sarah.  Sarah got me a mushy, love you card.  That made me cry right there.  She's not been like that in years and it was a beautiful moment.  Thank you God.

Ben and Rachel got me candles, and purple nail polish.  I asked if it was going to end up in the nail polish box to share with the girls.  Rachel said she got it because she liked it! LOL  So honest......

I feel so blessed by my family.  What a wonderful, blessed day.

I saw this prayer on FB and it touched me.  I need to get closer to God.  How about you?  In the running around of the holidays it's easy to fall away.  Praying I get back to it.

This was so comforting to be reminded of.
Check this out.  It's a news story that made me cry.  Scott Pelley dabbed some tears at the end of this segment.

I've not stamped in a few days.  I hope to get some done tomorrow. It's now Sunday evening.  Today at the end of the service a fire alarm went off.  People didn't leave the building.  The pastor said maybe we should leave.  Most people didn't seem concerned.  We left not knowing if it was a real fire or not.  We didn't hear fire trucks, so it must have been set off by mistake. 

Kids went with friends to dinner so Tim and I went to eat at Max and Erma's.  What a disappointing meal.  The Caesar Salad had bitter lettuce, tons of dressing and mozzarella cheese.  It was awful.  I asked for a medium burger and got well done.  The fries were warm.  I know another place I'm not going to go to again.  It was $32 before tip!

Well, it's time for picking up around here.  Getting ready to start another week.  I have to finish shopping for stocking stuffers and last minute items.

Blessing of the Day:Time with Tim.
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