Tuesday, March 24, 2015

God, Kenya, Cat, Cards

While doing my quiet time this morning I came across this beautiful picture.  I struggle sometimes with my attitude when doing things for others.  Perhaps you do too?  I was reminded again today whom I work for and that reminded me that all of this is God's which He has given to me.  Therefore, none of what I have is "MINE."  (Reminds me of the first words a two-year-old utters:"MINE!")  When I think of working for God, many of the negative things I'm thinking fall away.
 Thankfully God's mercies are new every morning. He is always with me even when I don't acknowledge it.
 Music is one of my favorite ways to worship God.  I'm so in awe that He picked me to be in His family.  
 Ben and Rachel now have a departure date for Kenya.  They will be leaving May 4th.  It is a very long flight from America to Kenya.  Please pray for them as they travel and as they work for God at an orphanage near Kisumu.

Here's our sweet Phoebe drinking FRESH water.  She learned this last summer when she drank out of the fountain we have on our back porch.  After that, nothing in a bowl compared!  
Here are some cards I made this past weekend with Emily, that were given to Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.  I so love making cards for others to bring comfort to many others.

This was made for last week's color challenge on SCS.  The colors were white, wisteria and gray.
Blessing of the Day:Celebrating Rachel's 20th birthday.
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