Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday-One Week Away.....

Monday rolls around again. Only one week left before Ben and Rachel leave for Africa.  I continue to dread this day in a way, but I know that they need to go where God needs them.
They've trained for this and they need to get out into the mission field and experience the life of a missionary.  Please pray for me as I 'let them go' to do their job for God's Kingdom.

 It seems like this school year has flown by!  I saw this cute image on FB and had to share it here.  It seems like weekends fly by as well.
I saw this and it spoke volumes to me.  We are all so quick to judge others verbally or in our head.  We paint ourselves as close to perfect sometimes don't we?  We compare ourselves to other to make us feel better. Everyone is in a different place with different experiences and a different history.  God is the one who judges, not us.  Yet we do it so often.  I'm praying that I can begin to control my thoughts as well as my words.
A friend of mine from my first card ministry just lost her husband to cancer.  This was posted on FB for her and I thought what a beautiful flower this way.  It is one of my favorites.  I love the blue and yellow ones, but this is gorgeous just the same.  This if for my friend, Ingrid who lost her beloved Rick.  My prayer for you Ingrid is that God will surround you with people who will comfort you and give you the lovin' and huggin' you need.  That God will give you people to hold you and cry with you.  That He will send the ones you need at the time you need them.  He knows what you need so I will leave it all to Him.  Just know I'm praying for you my friend.
 This is the card I made for today's inspiration challenge using stencils.  Isn't she sweet?
I spent today making cards for Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.  I have almost 150.  Thank you God for helping me get them done so I can deliver them this week.

This is a new song for me.  Give it a listen and see what you think.

Blessing of the Day: I got lots of things done today.  Praise God.
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