Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I've been listening to this song called, Brave.  Give it a listen and see what you think.
I chose this today thinking about Ben and Rachel going to an unknown place for them, meeting strangers that they will work alongside for the next 3 months.  I think that's brave.  To leave their families for 3 months, I think that's brave.  To live in a country where they don't know the language.  I think that's brave.  To eat foods that are new to you. I think that's brave.  To live in an unknown culture.  I think that's brave.  To totally trust in God.  I think that's brave.

We got to Skype with Ben and Rachel about 4 p.m. today.  They were both very tired.  They said they couldn't really sleep on the plane from London to Africa.  They were in their hotel and ready for sleep.  They are 7 hours ahead of us.  So right now it 8:25 a.m. in Africa.  Anyway, they will get their needed rest, take a 50 minute flight to their final destination.  Please continue to pray for my sweet and brave kids.

I just got a Facebook message that Rachel had listened to this song on her plane ride to Africa.  This was way before I posted this!  God works in mysterious ways doesn't he?

This is part of the verse for today.
Daniel 2:20 #Bible verses
This is the card I made for today's sketch challenge.  I love this designer paper so much I ordered another pack from SU today.  I also got to do my pre-order of things from the new catalog! EEEEEKKK! Can  you tell I'm excited to get new toys?!  The new catalog goes live June 2nd.  Catalogs have been ordered!  Let the countdown begin!
Blessing of the Day: We heard from Ben and Rachel that they were safe and sound in their hotel room.
We ordered the cards we will lease and will pick them up next week.  I will no longer be driving a van.  It's been 11 years of driving a van.  Now we don't have a need for one so I get a smaller vehicle!
Thank you for your prayers for Ben and Rachel.

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