Saturday, May 16, 2015

Funny Story

We got to talk to Ben yesterday and he told us a funny story.  He said he was wearing shorts and at the orphanage with the kids.  All of a sudden he felt these little hands running up and down his legs feeling his leg hair!  They were curious about the hair on his legs since they hadn't seen it before.  He said sometimes they feel the hair on his chin too.  Imagine talking to someone and feeling hands on your legs.......It's a learning experience for everyone.

These pictures are from the orphanage where Ben and Rachel are working.  Tim and Jenni are Ben and Rachel's mentors.  They posted on their blog the need for mattresses and mosquito nets and people donated enough so all of the kids could have a mattress and mosquito net.
Isn't that amazing?  God is in control and takes care of us.
Check out these cuties! They are smiling because they just got new thick mattresses and mosquito nets!  They have also been moved to a new building to live in.  The orphanage is finally in a solid structure building. It was in a tin building before.  There are 41 orphans in this orphanage.
We take so much for granted.  These kids just got thick foam mattresses and nets to keep mosquitos away.  This is important because malaria is prominent during the rainy season and is carried by mosquitos.
When was the last time you or I needed the basics provided for us?
The wonderful thing with this orphanage is that widows are assigned to a group of 4-5 children and care for them as though they were her own.  What a wonderful way to feel needed for these widows!
God has certainly cared for these orphans!
I keep finding references to God's goodness and grace.
Woot, woot, the CAVS are the Eastern Conference winners.
This hasn't happened to this city in a long, long time!

These are the bags I made with the new Gift Bag Punch Board in the new catalog that will go live June 2nd.  I have used the new watermelon lace ribbon on the bags.
 Here's a card I made after spending time with Jan looking through our new catalog.  We both said a sample from the catalog was stamped with the tiny flowers which neither of us had ever done before.  She we said we'd make a sample and share it with each other.
Not sure if Jan's made her card yet or not, she's been pinning things on Pintrest! LOL
This is the gorgeous flower which is from a hostess set called:Best Thoughts.  This is the third card I've done with it.

Touch the Sky is the song by United, that I leave you with.
Blessing of the Day:I got to spend time with Jan looking through the new Stampin' Up catalog.
Tim put up the new blinds we got.  It is a single blind that is 48" long.  It has a strong cable that's used to guide the blinds up and down.  It is motorized so there are no strings to worry about.  We've had several sets of blinds which get destroyed within a few years because of the weather.  Hopefully these blinds will last longer than that.

Thanks for making an appearance here today. :)

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