Saturday, May 30, 2015

Temptations, Christ and Cards

This was a rainy day and I spent time making more cards for the Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.  I was listening to music on youtube.  When you choose who you want to listen to, it gives you that artist and others like him.  After a few hours of changing music I arrived at The Temptations.  A friend of mine said she and her brother and sister-in-law found some music and all danced and sang to them.
It's amazing how well that long-term memory works.  I knew the word too!  My sister used to have several Temptaions albums and I loved playing them and dancing to them when she wasn't home.  If you listen to this you might remember the words too.  I enjoyed this, I hope you do too.

I saw this on FB and wanted to share it.  I also wanted to remind myself who I serve and what my purpose is.
This was the verse today on my blog.  I love finding images with the Bible verse.
Jane was here today so I showed her how to do the wax paper technique.  Here are two cards I made using that technique.

Blessing of the Day: Dinner with Sarah at Chipotle.  We brought it home to eat where it was quiet.
Lots of rain here and flood warnings all around.
Thanks for stopping by.

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