Friday, May 29, 2015

Thirst, Phoebe, Songbird

Today this was the verse on my blog.  I realized again that I need to be closer to God and thirst for Him like water.  I too often try to do things my way and all to often come running back to God asking for forgiveness and turning things over to Him to fix.
Please Father, help me to lean on you before I do things my way.  I am me and You are You, there's no contest who knows best.
I saw this and thought it was so perfect for this time of year with all of the kids graduating from High School. I am standing on this verse, as both of my kids are 18 or older and no longer under my care.
Sarah lives here but is making her own decisions for lots of things.
Here's Phoebe sitting on Sarah's bookshelf.  She was nodding off just like a little kid or baby.  Just as I took the picture, she heard the camera, she opened her eyes.  You know how the camera is slower than you think?  Well, she looks cute any way I guess.
This is my card for today's Friday Free 4 All on SCS.  The twist this us what your dad likes or his personality in his card!  This card represents what Tim likes which is growing plants.  He likes to find plants that attract butterflies.
I've been chilling out making cards tonight by listening to Kenny G.  Here's one song of many that I've listened to.  I type in the artist I want to hear, then type in you tube and I find lots of videos for that artist that can be several hours long.

Blessing of the Day:We got to Skype with Ben and Rachel today.  Even with 7 hours difference, we are finding time to stay in touch.  Thank you God for these times to connect.  How wonderful technology is to allow us to see our loved ones who are across the world from us.
Praising God for all I have.
Thanks for stopping by.

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