Sunday, May 3, 2015

There is One More Sleep Until They Are Africa Bound

Prayers requested for Ben and Rachel as tomorrow they will be on their way to Kenya, Africa to begin their missionary work.  Prayers also requested for ME as they go away for 3 months.

This is the card I made for Saturday's Inspiration challenge.  Here is my inspiration.
 With Ben and Rachel getting ready to leave tomorrow, I am really taking this to heart. I'm beginning to count the little things.

 Thursday and Friday were very busy with school.  Not only that, the school was having a Garage Sale and were taking new and used items to sell.  So I was busy going through closets to pull things out to donate.  You know what I mean, teacher gifts, stuff thrown in the closet that's forgotten, and things you've had but won't use again.  What a great feeling I got when I unloaded lots of things from one of my closets.

Friday evening I spent some of the time packing things up from my shelving unit and one of my cabinets.  The shelving unit went to the garage. The cabinet was moved to where the shelving unit was.  That way the space is ready for the new cabinet from my sister.

Saturday our whole family drove to Columbus to get a gorgeous cabinet that my sister and brother-in-law no longer wanted.  It was a gorgeous day.  We went to lunch, loaded the cabinet into the van, sat and talked in the backyard, then drove home.

Tim and Ben got the new cabinet in and it fits perfectly where we put it.  It is a corner cabinet which I didn't know. Take a look at my new cabinet.

I told my sister that now the rest of my cabinets look sad compared to this one.  I'm going to have to get new cabinets now! LOL

This is a new song from Mercy Me called Flawless.  This reminds us that we are flawless because of the sacrifice if Jesus on the cross. Give it a listen.

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