Monday, May 18, 2015

These Bring Tears

Ben and Rachel posted on their blog today.  With that post were lots of pictures.  Seeing them brought tears to my eyes as Ben's living the life he's dreamed of for so long!  It's an emotional mom thing I'm sure, but to see your child grow and begin to do what he's been lead to do is truly amazing!  When we talk to him we mentally think, he's in Africa.  Put a picture here and it reminds me he's there and not here.  He's doing God's work across the world from us.

Ben's walking with a little guy at the orphange who has lost a few fingers, but that doesn't stop him from holding Ben's hand.
 This is the church service from yesterday.  Their church is a tin and wood building.
 During a training session at a man's home, Ben got to play the home made guitar the man made.  Ben and Rachel left their guitars at home.
 The children got new clothes from a friend of Tim and Jenni, Ben and Rachel's mentors.
 Here's sweet Rachel with her new friends.  So thankful for technology.  We got to talk to Ben tonight. That in itself is amazing to me.  We can talk to him half-way round the world.
After getting emotional from seeing Ben's pictures, I needed some humor.  I  thought this was a great question to ask.....LOL
 I needed a reminder today so this was perfect. I get so distracted with other things.
Here is a sampling of cards I made using my MISTI for Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.

 So we started the blog today with tears and end with tears.  These flowers are from Sarah.  I LOVE the fact that she works at a greenhouse!
Her plastic cup broke at work and she's been lost without it.  It's far easier to drink from that than a bottle of water.

Today after grocery shopping, I got her a new glass and took it to her at work.  I had to drop it off since she was busy at the cash register.  She really appreciated the kind gesture I guess.  This gift of flowers was so unexpected.  Of course this makes me cry to see her sweet actions of love.

Blessing of the Day:Sarah sweet spirit with her gift, being able to sit and chat for a while and she helped me weed the garden.  Tim was able to cut, trim and sweep up the grass.

Thank you for stopping by to check out what's happening here.

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