Friday, May 8, 2015

Through All Of It..........underwear!

This is a beautiful video of how permanent God is in our lives no matter what.  Once you've accepted Him as Lord and Savior, He sticks to you like glue! (Where did THAT come from?) LOL
You are never alone, even when you feel alone.  Some days for me are like that.  Being retired is GREAT! I work hard on making cards daily.  I do other things as well but sometimes I just feel lonely.
You can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely.  Keeping God close is a great solution.  Also helping others helps you .  This takes the sadness away and has you concentrate on someone else and not yourself.  Try it, and also keep reading your Bible and praying every day.

Here's Colton Dixon's video.

With the shape that the world is in, this verse struck me as I read it.  I continue to pray that the United States can can last until we get anothter president in office who believes God needs to be back in government, schools, and homes.
This is where my family was when we were preparing for Ben and Rachel's wedding.  This was a very, very, difficult time in our lives.  We knew what God wanted and followed Him even when so many people said they shouldn't get married.  God's will won out.
This helps us all to be better people.  Put your own name in place of Love. Wow, it shows me just how unworthy I am of God's grace, mercy and love.  He doesn't believe that but many times I do.
This was posted by a kindergarten teaching friend of mine on FB.  What a hoot, huh?  I posted that it's a powerful word in first grade too.

Tim and I were talking about wanting to have a talk with management to see if they believed that if you invest in your people they will do more for the company in return.  Interesting to see this just when we were talking about it.  I've always believed this.  It's the little things ya know?
I had a boss who wrote personal notes for each teacher and delivered them to desks herself.  She wrote very specific things for each person.  It was nice to know that she knew so much about the job I was doing.  I respected her and worked hard for her because she knew how to give back.

Blessing of the Day: Helped Sarah pack a lunch.  Had a nice dinner with Tim here at home.  This is the first day that I've put the air on.  So glad I did.
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