Tuesday, June 9, 2015

All In Card Vet

The Cavs won game 3 of the finals at home here in Cleveland.  The reporters said the sound was deafening in the Arena.  The Cavs at one point in the game were up 20 points then slowly lost it to within a few  points.  Maybe it's this city, but can't we win a game without the heart-stopping play? LOL  Just once can't we win by 15 or more points? That would give my heart and head a rest.  I get headaches watching these games but I wouldn't miss them for anything!
Lebron has shown great leadership.  He has motivated the team to win it all, but won't share what it is with outsiders.  I guess we'll just have to see what NBA players would want more than a championship.
 Love this picture with the All In shirt.  Looks like they are all praying.
 Amen to this.  That was a time when your word made all the difference. Where ...'til death do us part, meant something too.

I got to spend some quiet time with God this morning.  As I sat out on the screened in porch I realized how distant God can be.  I also know that it's not God who has moved, but me.  I'm praying that I can continue to stay close to God and allow Him to direct each day. 
 This is the card I made today for the color challenge and the Teapot Tuesday challenge.  This card will go to Marva who is battling cancer.  Her daughter died from cancer two years ago, now Marva is battling it.  I'm praying that this lifts her spirit.
 Opportunity knocked today in the form a  WWII vet with a loaf of french bread at the grocery store.
This gentleman was talking to a gentleman that worked at the store and told me he was a WWII vet. He wore a special hat that declared that as well.
 I automatically thanked him for his service several times.  He was a proud man who still likes to hear, "Well done, thank you for your service."
He was funny as heck with stories he told.   I once again thanked him for his service and went on my way with a big smile on my face, hoping that I had made a difference in his day.  He made a difference in mine.
Blessing of the Day: Tim, Sarah and I got to have dinner at Augie's Pizza.
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