Monday, June 15, 2015

Toilet Paper, Cards, All In

You know this is such a simple thought that can make a huge difference in our life.  Today I saw birds splashing and drinking in the bird bath.  Simple and ordinary but God chose that as a moment for me to enjoy.  I'm sure I could think of more beautiful things and I'll bet you could too.  What was beautiful in your day today?  What made your day a little better?
 This cracked me up and I thought maybe you could use a bit of silliness today!
 This is a fun card I made at Jan's house yesterday.  We stamped the afternoon away.  This cracked me up to have a puffer fish ready to blow out all of those candles.
 This is another card I made at Jan's.  It has to have a sentiment stamped on it.  Simple and pretty all the same.
 Jan had this stamp and sentiment.  I stamped the birds, then masked them and added sand with a sponged and a ripped piece of cardstock so it looked uneven. Then I used a blue sponge to sponge clouds into the sky.
 This is my card for today's clean and simple challenge.  It was to thank Paula for all of her challenges.  She is leaving as a challenge provider.  I used this card of hers as my inspiration.
This technique on the card is called the polished stone technique.  I haven't done it in ages. You put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball then a few drops of reinkers then tap up and down on the cardstock. You do the same with silver or gold ink.  This was heat embossed as well.  I know just who will get this card.
 This is an amazing photo.  It was taken in Florida.  A raccoon was close to the water's edge when this photographer accidentally scared it.  It jumped onto the alligator, then just as quickly jumped off!
Just a thought for the day.  Because we walk in the Spirit, we should live in it as well. Wow, ya mean some people don't do this?  LOL it's so hard to do.  The earthly things pull us to do what we want, but the holy spirit pulls us to do things God's way.  We have a choice obviously.
Blessing of the Day:Time with Tim including dinner!
Thank you for stopping by.
Tomorrow is another game for our Cavs.  It's kind of unbelieveable that they are here in the finals with the number of guys on the disabled list ya know?  Whether they win or lost tomorrow night, I'm still, "ALL IN".  They have done and incredible job with what they have.

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