Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cleveland's Lake

These are beautiful pictures a friend took while on a cruise of Lake Erie here in Cleveland.  The Nautica Queen is a beautiful cruise ship that will take you on a tour of the lake.  There is even a dinner and dance cruise.  What is it about the sun reflecting on the water that attracts us?
 This is a beautiful picture of the downtown skyline here in Cleveland.  Check out the tugboat in the picture.  There are many here in Cleveland and they are fun to watch as they push large ships in and out of the harbor.
 So pretty at night.  The city is lit up for the NBA finals.  The terminal tower often will light up in different colors for different events in town.
 This is the lighthouse you pass on your way out of the harbor and into Lake Erie.  What is it about lighthouses that attracts everyone?  I love them, but can't tell you why.....LOL
Thanks Pam for sharing your beautiful pictures.
Blessing of the Day: I got a lot of work done around this place.  So glad to get some of those things nagging at me, off my list.
Thank you for dropping in.

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