Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cards, Kids, Forgiveness

I've had this nagging back pain and today got out a hotpack with moist heat which seemed to help.  I pray that this will continue to help.  It's so hard to get anything done with this.  I had to get Sarah to help me with a few things like filling the bird feeders and checking the pool levels.

Tonight I began to work on my Watercolor Wishes Card Kit. It makes 20 cards.  I'm not much for kits, but thought I'd try this one.  I love watercolor looking cards and so far I like the cards I'm making.
I really like the stamps that came with this.  It's another reason I bought this.
I am making some of mine a little different.  I'm changing some of the stamps they used so they are more useable for me.

I have 8 of 20 done.  When they are done I may add things like pearls or rhinestones to them, we'll see.

I pray that God will continue to surround my kids and keep them safe.  I've been blessed that my kids were in a great youth group.  Now that is over and they are no longer going to a group Bible Study. I pray that they will all be led closer to God by those that surround them.
This is food for thought. I've seen that the older I get the less I care what people say.  I also am working more on my inner beauty than outer. Living my faith is more important than dressing up and looking good for others.  The older I get, the more 'real' I become.  Does that make sense?

This is certainly food for thought isn't it?  The other day I talked about knowing your purpose in life. This aligns with that. Francis Chan is an amazing preacher.  If you haven't heard him preach here's a link.

I had to chuckle when I saw this on FB.  I'm sure everyone knows someone that could fit this.
Take a listen to this song from Toby Mac and Lecrae.  See What you think.  It's called Forgiveness.
It's the hardest thing to ask for but the most wonderful thing to receive!

Blessing of the Day: I slept in, I finished a book, and had Papa John's Pizza tonight! They have a half price deal when the Indians score 5 runs.  We got 1 large pizza, 1 medium pizza and delicious cinnapie for 19.80!

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