Sunday, July 12, 2015

Forgetful One

So, I forgot to mention last night on date night we went to a place in Berea called, The Book Shop.  It is a book shop and a shop with lots of  handmade items.  Photo cards, jewelry, baby blankets, soaps and candles, candy, dog items but no stamped cards.  As I was checking out I asked the woman if she had a need for handmade rubber stamped cards.  She said  a woman was in looking for just that.
   I wanted to say, "I know that's you God, making this happen."
I say that because I was torn if I wanted to go into a book shop.  I don't usually buy books, I borrow them from the library.  I decided to go in and I was so glad I did.  I got a couple of scents for Sarah and I to put in our candle warmers and I got a choc. covered marshmallow on a stick for Sarah.  It was one of those giant ones, ya know?
Anyway, I told this woman I had a gallery of cards online she could look at.  If she liked them, I could bring cards to show her the quality and if she liked them I could leave some.  She said to send her the link to my gallery and she'd send her policies etc.
So, it would be nice to get some cards sold, so I can continue to make my 150 cards a month for Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.
Thank you God!

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