Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday is Fun Day

Check out this cute little bear birthday card. I made this for the Friday's Free 4 All challenge which was to make a card with something that flies.  I loved building up the propeller and adding glassy glaze to the goggles.  This is one of the cards that will go to be sold in The Book Store in Berea.
I got two new stencils this week and had to ply with them.  This was for today's Inspiration challenge on Splitcoast. The purse was my inspiration. I used daubers to color the glossy cardstock.  I had lots of fun stenciling.  I made lots of cards today with stencils too.  I'll share some of them soon.
Macro-Flower Printed Saffiano Leather Mini Trunk Bag - Marni

I really liked this when I saw it. We all want a fantastic spouse for our children.  Ben's got it, still praying for Sarah's husband whomever he is, where ever he is.  It may sound silly to some of you but God hears our prayers.  Who wouldn't want a wonderful, God-chosen spouse for their child?
Living by faith is so very difficult.  We as humans tend to rely on self, more than anything else.  I usually end up crawling back to God and asking him to help me.  Of course I've messed things up and need God's help, which is what I should have asked for in the first place.

I'm sure there are many days God just looks at me and says, "I love you in spite of where you are spiritually.  You are my daughter and a princess. I have unending love for you in spite of yourself."
I am enjoying many of the songs Colton Dixon has on his new album.  Why do we still call them albums? They are CD's.  Anyway, it's amazing the talent God has given this young man.  God gives him some incredible lyrics for songs.  Give this a listen.  It's called, Limitless.

Blessing of the Day: Tim got to fix an underground pipe for his dad today.  Tim got the heater on the pool fixed so we can swim!  We don't have a cover so overnight the heated water cools quickly.  I can't or don't swim in 70 degree water.  Spoiled now with having a heater but at my age, I am allowed! LOL

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