Thursday, July 16, 2015

What the Heck?

I have to tell you, "What the Heck," is what I said when I saw these pictures.  Ben and Rachel were at a zoo in Kisumu where wild animals roam around.  This kitty is not one of the animals that roams around.  What amazed me was that they could pet this cat while he was eating! Most animals are pretty mean when someone disturbs their meal.  Only in Africa, right?

Rachel looks a little more tentative, with the kitty but still she's sitting and petting it!  Oh my, I'm not sure if I could do that or not, could you?  They had a great time at this zoo.  Giraffes, zebra and other peaceful animals roamed freely here.

This is Phoebe in the hallway.  I saw her laying here like this and thought she looked very weird.  Do you think she looks weird?  I made a funny statement about how she looked, then I figured I'd better see if she was okay or if she had a stroke or something.  She was just fine, just needed to lay here like this I guess.
This is the card I made for Wednesday's sketch challenge.  I like how this came out.  I like how the ribbon pulls it all together.
The verse for today.  I love going to the ocean.  There's nothing like relaxing to the sound of the water coming in and out.  When we were in the Carolinas I took video about a minute long and loaded it on my work computer.  Everytime one of my kids with Autism kind of lost it, I'd invite him to come to the ocean with me.  We'd sit there together and watch and listen to the water.  I don't know who that benefitted more, him or me. 
This is a new shop in the heart of Berea Triangle.  The Book Shop is a book shop and a consignment shop for artisans in the area.  Tim and I happened to walk in here on date night.  I didn't want to look in a book shop, but followed him anyway.  Was I ever delighted with what I saw.  There are so many wonderful items for sale.  Jewelry, mugs, soaps, candles, scented wax, baby blankets, photo cards of wildlife from the area and books of course.
I spoke to the owner as I was purchasing some items and she said she'd love to see my greeting cards.  So Tim and I took her samples and she loved them!  She said, " I might end up being her best customer."  There is a one-time fee to get me set up in the computer and online and then I can begin having cards in her shop.  So, I'm in the middle of labeling my cards and getting card labels ready to make looking at the cards easier to do if you want a certain kind of card.  I will be the only rubber stamped cards so far.  Pretty cool, huh?
She emails if you are running low on something, I can go in anytime to replenish or check my cards.
I should have my cards ready to drop off next week.  Wish me luck.
Book Store (edited).jpg

Blessing of the Day:Going out to Panera with Tim.
We had the carpet and tile guy out to measure floors.  Praying that it isn't too expensive to do this.  The original carpeting is in here which is over 20 years old.
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