Sunday, July 19, 2015

What a Busy Day

Tim and I began our day very early for our drive to Parkside Church in Bainbridge to hear Alistair Begg, the senior pastor's sermon.  The first service begins at 8:15 so we have to leave about 7:20 in order to get a cup of coffee before service.  You can take your coffee with you to your seat.

Once the service was over we headed to Target to get a cover for my ipad.  I am getting it ready so when school starts again I will have apps ready to use with kids.

Next we drove to a restaurant called, The Dolphin.  We had breakfast or lunch depending who you were.

We arrived home to rest. I worked on cards today for the store in Berea.

Sarah talked Tim into going to Panera for dinner.  She has that man wrapped around her little pinkie.  We had a great meal there talking and laughing.

Then Sarah went grocery shopping for the things we needed before Tuesday.  We are going to try a crockpot recipe Brianna tried that has bbq sauce, brown sugar and chicken wrapped with bacon.  That will be dinner Monday evening.

I sat talking to support for over an hour try to get some things worked out with my ipad.

I was able to make this cute for the challenge today honoring Misti.  You go to her gallery and choose something you'd like to copy with some changes.  I used her layout but changed the colors, shapes, etc.  This is what I came up with.
This was my Bible verse for today.

Blessing of the Day: Breakfast with Tim, Dinner with Tim and Sarah.
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