Tuesday, August 11, 2015

They're Home, They're Home!

Well, technically they're home but they are now at Rachel's parent's house for a few days.  Our family will be going on vacation soon so they are visiting her family now.  It was another whirlwind visit.  We picked them up at the airport, which is under construction and went to dinner in Berea because it's near the airport.  Then we drove to Maria's Gardens to their ice cream shop called, The Pinecone.  Brianna met us there and we all enjoyed ice cream while we reconnected.  Rachel filled out an application to work there, so soon we'll see her with pinecone shirts and Sarah with Maria Garden's shirts.  I'll have to get a photo of them in their shirts. :)

This first picture is of the side of my desk after the Splitcoast Stampers Fan Club Challenge of 40 cards from last week.
 This picture shows the small amount of room left on my main desk after the Fan Club Challenges of 40 cards.  I think I had an 8 1/2" by 11" spot to work in! LOL  The piles on my desk just kept being added to as the week went on.  I'm not usually a stamper like this because I only make a few cards at a time.  I'm amazed it ended up looking like this for long.  I usually can't work in chaos like this.
 I loved this quote.  I spent time on the porch this morning with God.  It sure makes a difference when I start the day with Him.
 Loved this!  It describes me perfectly.  I also use, "I retired, so I'll get to it when I get to it,"
There's Hope in Front of Me...This brings a peace like nothing else.  Knowing where I'll be at the end of my life is so reassuring.  I'll be in God's arms.  What could be better.  Here on earth, I have hope because of Jesus.  Give it a listen. Praying it gives you hope too.

Blessing of the Day:Ben and Rachel are home!  Thank you God for bringing them home safely!
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