Monday, September 21, 2015

Still In Pain...Gotta Call the Doctor!

I loved this when I saw it.  I feel this way right now with the pain I'm having.  I'm hoping I can get and MRI soon. Tim and I are doing a vacation to beaches in Florida and I want to be able to walk the beaches and enjoy it.
 This was for today's featured stamper challenge on SCS. I used the second image as a sample then made mine with the flower on the top-right corner.

 This card was for Saturday's Inspiration Challenge.  We were to draw a zentangle with lots of lines to make it look unique.
 This is today's card where you had to make a card with flowers.

Take a look at the 100 dance scenes from former movies.  It's amazing! See how many movies you can match with the dancers.

Here is the verse for today.
Image result for Romans 5:1-2
Blessing of the Day: Ben and Rachel finally got out to celebrate their 2nd anniversay. They went to Chili's for dinner.   Check out this cute picture.

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