Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cards, Drama, and Armor

This is so true.  As I get older I'm learning that the only one I want to please is Jesus.  I do what is best for me concerning friends and acquaintences.  If that means some must go, then so be it.
Don't we all need this reassurance now and then.  That's what friends are for.

This is a card I made using the stamp set and metal disk that came as an accessory.  Isn't this squirrel cute?
This is one of the cards I made with my new Tim Holtz Bird Crazy stamps and dies.
This is a card for a challenge at SCS.  October is Hope You Can Cling To, Month.  There is a challenge each day. At the end of the month we send the challenge cards we've made to a women's hospital that fights cancer.
I know that there is spiritual warfare going on around me.  The more I'm doing for Christ, the more the enemy will battle to keep me from making a difference in God's kingdom.
This is a great song by Finding Favor who are from Ireland.

Blessing of the Day: We got to church-It was a battle from the moment my alarm went off.  Satan was telling me to just go back to sleep.  Once at church I wanted the blueberry and cinnamon coffee however, it was decaf.  I kept trying to concentrate on the sermon .  It was very difficult.

Tim and I got plants in from the screened porch and set up in the living room. He got rid of the plants with bugs while I vacuumed the screened in porch.  So glad that's done.
Soon the carpet man will be pulling up the rug out there and the flooring which needs to be replaced.

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