Monday, October 5, 2015

Children, Fall Colors, Cards

When I saw this it reminded me of a poem we had read at our children's dedication to God.  It was hard to listen to as we held an infant, and it's hard to read now as well.    It doesn't change as they get older.  We of course want to have them get married, have a family and live their life with their husband or wife.  We have to accept God's plan for our life and theirs.  I'm not saying it would be easy at all.  It would be impossible to live through with so much grief.  However, God would be with us through it all.  He would help us every step of the way.
I love pictures like this. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons.  But, it means winter is right  behind.......I hate winter with the lake effect snow storms with sloppy and dangerous driving conditions.

Isn't this a sweet image?  I did it for a challenge on SCS.  We were to make a card for the season we hate.  Obviously you already know that winter is mine.
This is another challelnge for SCS, where we had to make a card with hands as an image, or use our hands to finger paint or make finger prints on our card.
This is the warrior challenge where you had to make a card that shows strength or is inspirational.   When I think of being a warrier I think of soldiers and camoflage so I made my background with multiple colors. I also used a sun because having it out, makes a world of difference whether you are a patient or caregiver. Then I added Hello Sunshine as an encouragement to encourage whoever gets it. It's also a way to communicate, I'm here for you. When my Dad had cancer people avoided him and kept visits at a minimum. They wouldn't ask about the cancer or how he was handling it. He wanted to talk about it but people were too afraid. Even a card can make a difference by knowing someone loves you.

This card was today's challenge where you had to watercolor paper then use you dies to cut shapes out.

My daughter-in-law sends text to wrong number thinking it's her brother Josh.
Me: "Hey Josh Fart it's your sis Rach, could I get your mailing address?"
Person: "Hey Rach fart! This is not Josh Fart😞"
Me: " Wait, who is this?"
Person: "Jenna Fart"
Me: "Haha sorry wrong number!"
Thank you, "Jenna Fart", you are awesome and made my day. Literally was ONE number off.

Blessing of the day: I got a lot done today.  I had PT today and I'm sore because of it.
Thanks for checking in.
Happy Birthday to my brother, Joe.

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