Sunday, November 29, 2015

Buckeyes, Cards, and Acts of Kindness

Yesterday Ben and I watched the Ohio State vs. Michigan game.  It was perfect, he rooted for Michigan and I rooted for Ohio State.  After the half he went to make his side dish he had to take to a dinner he was going to.  Every time something happened and I'd make a noise, he'd ask, "What happened?"  I'd say, "You don't want to know!"  LOL

Last night we watched the Cav's who had played a game the night before and they were tired.  Well, I got tired of watching them play a team who was 3 and 12.  To me they looked like high school players.  Like they didn't have plays to run and couldn't make shots to save their life.  I left before the game was over too frustrated to watch anyone.  It didn't occur to me until this morning that I'd done just what Ben's grandmother had done.  Tim's Mom would yell at the tv, then turn it off and wander away muttering to herself! LOL

This was my inspiration for the Featured Stamper today on SCS.  I loved the idea of making 4 cards at once.  They could be layed out any way you wanted.
 I knew when I saw this idea, that I wanted to use black and white retired SU designer paper.  I also have wanted to use this little elephant for a while.  I colored her and cut out the hearts with my framelits.  I've got the instructions here.
Here is the 4" x 51/4" paper and how I divided the designer paper.

My daughter-in-law, Rachel posted this, and I thought it was funny.  If you need a laugh, take a look.

I saw this today and it reminded me that when I am down my mood always improves when I'm doing things for others.  It turns the attention away from what's going on with me to someone who needs something.  I've told my kids since they were little, if they see a need, take care of it if they can.

A few of my friends are single who don't want to be single.  So one of my missions (because I see a need), is to call or text and see if they'd like to get together for dinner or to stamp.  Sometimes I ask them to help me make cards for Cleveland Clinic  or a senior center I provide cards for.

I know from being single for 9 years after my divorce, how lonely it can be, especially Friday and Saturday evening or Sunday after church.  I send, thinking of you cards to them unexpectedly as well.

See what you can do for some of the people in your life?  Do you know that the people we live with are the most neglected sometimes in the encouragement department.  Sometimes they are the forgotten ones.

Those of you who make cards, find places to donate them.  You could even visit a senior center and see if any of the residents need cards written for them, books read to them, or just someone to talk to.  People in senior centers and nursing homes feel neglected sometimes. I'm sure you could get involved somehow.  We all have the need to be needed.

Think of all you'll store up in heaven with all the giving of yourself here on earth.

This is the perfect video for any time of year.  However after Thanksgiving there is a rush to shop and ready the house for Christmas.  Sit back and be thankful for what you have from family, friends, co-workers and God.  Most of us have more than we deserve now, yet will be getting more in a few weeks.  Think of others at this time of year.  Maybe it's giving to a shelter for homeless, maybe it's giving to a women's shelter for battered women, maybe it's a family in your church or neighborhood.  Make yourself a promise to look for needs and try to fill them.  Even the littlest act of kindness will be appreciated.  You will feel better than you've felt in a while by doing this.  You'll see.......

Blessing of the Day: Date night with Tim.  We went to Bob's Big Boy, one of two in the state.
Thank you for dropping in today.

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