Saturday, November 28, 2015

First Fire in the Fireplace this year

This afternoon was dreary, rainy and cold.  I suggested we light a fire in the fireplace and watch the Ohio/Michigan game.  The two cats joined us.  Annabelle went to sleep on the warmest blanket we have down here. Ben of course rooted for Michigan while I rooted for the Buckeyes.  A sad, sad day for the Michigan team and Ben. 
 After checking out the fireplace, Phoebe decieded to sleep.  She's never seen a fire in the fireplace before.  Isn't she sweet checking it out?

A few nights ago someone photographed the Cleveland Skyline with the full moon.   Isn't it just beautiful?

Here is a card that I put into my favorites over a year ago.  I forgot about it and today's challenge was to go to our favorites on SCS and find a card from a year ago or more that we saved into our favorites.  Here is the card I chose to make for the challenge.  This is Robin's card. She used one of my favorite stamps.
This is my card. The idea is to change some things to make it your own. I colored the dresses one color, sponged the background and made a horizontal instead of vertical card.

Take up your cross and follow God.  The words by themselves sound easy don't they?  Yet when you read more you see that God wanted the disciples to follow immediately. To drop what they were doing and follow him, leaving their family.
    I am a child of God, but know that I am guilty of spending too little time with Him.  I am selfish with my time.  God deserves all of my time, certainly more than I give to Him.  I am not proud of that fact at all.  Putting it in writing helps me to see it in black and white and do something about it.

I know that when I worked, I'd have my  quiet time before work. Now I have all day and sometimes don't squeeze in time with God.  I'm praying that I can once again get into a routine that I do quiet time first then do what I want to do.
This was an interesting song by Josh Groban.  I was introduced to Josh Groban by a friend who had tickets to his concert.  What a sensational voice and talent he has.  It was funny to hear women screaming when he came in and also when he'd begin a new song.  He's a handsome man but he's more like a son to those screaming women.  It was funny to hear them scream then my friend said, "Really? I'd like to tell these ladies that this guy could be their son!"  I just laughed at the whole thing and fell in love with his voice.

Blessing of the Day:Time with Tim by the fireplace tonight.
I have a little bit of pain, but it's controlled by Ibuprofin.
I've gotten quite of online shopping done in the last two days.
Thank you for stopping by.

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Unknown said...

We had our first fire in our fireplace, too!
Must have been the rainy yucky day.
It makes me happy when i see you have posted.
You have such a fun variety of interesting and relevant material.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
May God bless you and your lovely family.