Friday, November 6, 2015

God, Amimals and 10 Years

I needed something funny this morning.  I saw this on Facebook. These are some of the ugliest cats, in my opinion.  The look on her face is quite amusing.
I also found this which made me laugh out loud.  Hope it at least puts a smile on your face.

 Seeking inspiration for the pain-filled time I'm having.  I keep reminding myself that I am here to glorify God and that it's all about Him and not me.  I'm praying his will not mine. That's so difficult to do with pain.
 This has served me well over the years.We can help ourself by helping others.  It's a wonderful feeling to do something for someone else and not expect anything in return.
 Lighthouses have always drawn me. Now I'm praying that I can be a lighthouse to those God needs me to meet.
 This is the card I made combining two challenges.  One challenge was to use gold and one was to make a coffee themed card.  Love the masking technique on this card.
 Can you believe I've been a Stampin' Up representative for 10 years?  Yup, August of 1995.  So much has changed since then.
I love the powerful words in this song.  Matthew West is so people oriented. Yesterday I saw a video he made giving the public a tour of his bus.  You could see how he interacted with his kids which was fun to watch.
Blessing of the Day: It was another beautiful, sunny, spring-like  day here in Cleveland.
Ben made dinner and Tim came home early enough from helping Brianna with her house so we could have coffee and talk.
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tonilea said...

I am sorry for all the pain you are having. I hope it will help you to know that your blog is always uplifting to me. I too am having some difficult times and when I read your gentle messages relating your pain to God it makes me aware that I need to rest more fully in His hands and be more accepting of the problems I have. Thank you for keeping me aware of His everlasting love. I pray that soon you will have relief from your pain.